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Permanent collection
Global Taxon Reviews
Edited by Michael Engel, Fedor Konstantinov

The Global Taxon Reviews is a topical collection of papers in the field of zoology that aims to provide comprehensive and up-to-date reviews of suprageneric taxa of significant diversity, with a special emphasis on taxonomy, phylogeny, and other aspects of taxon-centered biodiversity exploration. Th ...

Papers published: 4   |  Total pages: 576
Permanent collection
Contributions to the world fauna of Microgastrinae parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
Edited by Jose Fernandez-Triana & Erinn Fagan-Jeffries
This collection of articles will be devoted to comprehensive taxonomic revisions and/or compilation of regional checklists of microgastrine wasps. Emphasis willl be placed on turbo taxonomy approaches to speed up species description, or cataloguing of species for specific regions of the planet. Exte ...
Papers published: 4   |  Total pages: 290
Closed for submission
Caribbean Amphipoda of Panama
Papers published: 2   |  Total pages: 62
Submission deadline: 01 August 2024
Guides to Australian Annelida

Guides to Australian Annelida aims to make the biodiversity data on Australian annelid fauna more widely accessible through keys and identification guides.  Specialist taxonomic literature is difficult to access and to use, especially by non-taxonomists. This topical collection will provide a resour ...

Papers published: 1   |  Total pages: 100
World (1)
Permanent collection
Biology of Pangolins and Bats

ZooKeys invites research publications on the biology of bats and pangolins with the aim to shed light on the factors that make certain organisms like bats and pangolins particularly efficient vectors of diseases capable of causing global emergencies and irreversible damages, such as COVID-19 (Corona ...

Papers published: 5   |  Total pages: 126

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