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Global Taxon Reviews
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Edited by Michael Engel, Fedor Konstantinov

The Global Taxon Reviews is a topical collection of papers in the field of zoology that aims to provide comprehensive and up-to-date reviews of suprageneric taxa of significant diversity, with a special emphasis on taxonomy, phylogeny, and other aspects of taxon-centered biodiversity exploration. These reviews are intended to serve as authoritative resources for researchers, students, and enthusiasts interested in the inventorying, classification, evolutionary relationships of animals, and other related topics.

Each paper in the collection focuses on an entire taxonomic group, such as a class, order, family, subfamily or tribe, of any zoological taxon. Large genera distributed over one or more continents can be considered for publication in the collection as well. The authors of the papers should be proven experts in their respective fields, with extensive experience and knowledge of the group in question. 

The reviews are typically structured to provide a comprehensive overview of a taxon, including information on its morphology, ecology, and distribution. A particular focus is placed on the phylogenetic relationships of the group. Priority will be given to manuscripts that specifically concentrate on widely distributed taxa. Manuscripts primarily focusing on high-ranked monotypic taxa can also be considered, but only if they are discussed within a broader context. We also encourage illustrated identification keys, as they provide an efficient way to recognize taxa. 

The Global Taxon Reviews collection is designed to be a valuable resource for both researchers and students in the field of zoology, as well as for anyone interested in learning more about animal diversity and classification. By providing authoritative and up-to-date reviews of higher taxa, these papers can help in advancing our understanding of the astonishing diversity of animals at a global scale.

Realizing the importance of this series to the scientific community, the editorial team will consider special conditions for publication in the Global Taxon Reviews collection, including potential high discounts or waivers. These conditions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account individual circumstances and the overall merit of the manuscript.

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