Special Issue "Facets of Terrestrial Isopod Biology"

Closed for submissionSubmission deadline: 01 December 2021

Special Issue Editors

Pallieter De Smedt, Spyros Sfenthourakis, Stefano Taiti and Ivanklin Soares Campos-Filho

Special Issue Information

This special issue will accept submissions of papers presented at the 11th International Symposium on Terrestrial Isopod Biology (https://spinicornis.be/istib2021/) but is open to other papers on all aspects of terrestrial isopod biology as well. The issue aims to give an overview of the current state of the art on the broad field of terrestrial isopod research.
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Topical collection "Biology of Pangolins and Bats"

Permanent collection

Topical collection editors

Topical collection information

ZooKeys invites research publications on the biology of bats and pangolins with the aim to shed light on the factors that make certain organisms like bats and pangolins particularly efficient vectors of diseases capable of causing global emergencies and irreversible damages, such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The APCs for this upcoming collection will be waived.

By means of Open Science, ZooKeys aims to contribute with real-time findings and data to the efforts of scientific teams, experts and other decision-makers across the globe, in order to advance the world’s understanding of the transmission pathways and potential vectors of zoonotic diseases. By adding further knowledge to the key factors that pave the way for global public health emergencies, such quality research publications are to ultimately help the mitigation and prevention of similar devastating events in the future.

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