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Subject Editors

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Thorsten Assmann        

Leuphana University Lüneburg
Lüneburg, Germany

Taxa: Carabidae
Subject: Systematics

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Jorge Enrique Avendaño        

Universidad del Valle
Cali, Colombia

Taxa: Aves
Subject: Molecular systematics; Taxonomy

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Thierry Backeljau    

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Brussels, Belgium

Taxa: Gastropoda
Subject: Genetics; Systematics; Freshwater; Terrestrial

Profile picture

Davide Badano            

University of Siena
Siena, Italy

Taxa: Neuroptera
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Bonnie Bain

Dixie State University
St. George, United States of America

Taxa: Pycnogonida
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Francesco Ballarin    

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Tokyo, Japan

Taxa: Araneae
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Viktor Baranov            

Estación Biológica de Doñana-CSIC
Sevilla, Spain

Taxa: Culicomorpha; Chironomidae; Corethrellidae

Profile picture

Ron Beenen

Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Taxa: Chrysomelidae; Coleoptera
Subject: Faunistics & Distribution; Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Luis Ernesto Bezerra            

Universidade Federal do Ceará
Fortaleza, Brazil

Taxa: Decapoda

Profile picture

Maria Elina Bichuette            

Universidade Federal de São Carlos
São Carlos, Brazil

Taxa: Pisces
Subject: Taxonomy; Marine & Freshwater ecology; General ecology
Regions: World

Profile picture

Maurizio Biondi            

University of L'Aquila

Taxa: Chrysomelidae
Subject: Biogeography; Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Aleksandra Bitner

Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland

Taxa: Brachiopoda
Subject: Systematics

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