Coleopterist Cheng-Bin Wang, a new subject editor of ZooKeys

24 June 2024

The ZooKeys team welcomes Cheng-Bin Wang as a subject editor in Coleoptera.

Currently, Cheng-Bin Wang is an associate professor and researcher at the Mianyang Normal University, Sichuan Province of China, and an assessor for the Chinese Red List of insects. Cheng-Bin received his PhD in zoology from the Institute of Zoology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015 and then undertook post-doctoral research at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague for about three years. He has an intense interest in looking for and describing unknown beetles of small or neglected families from eastern Asia. To date, he has published 51 papers and described 61 species, belonging to 5 orders and 14 families. His planned manuscripts in the following years, e.g., on Aderidae, Buprestidae, Lampyridae, Pterogeniidae, Ripiphoridae, Sphindidae, and Trogossitidae from China, will continue to expand his research taxa.

Now, he has just joined the editorial team of ZooKeys as a subject editor for the Coleoptera suborders Archostemata and Myxophaga and the families Buprestidae, Mordellidae, Ptinidae, Trogidae, and Zopheridae.

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