Maria Cristina Bruno joins ZooКeys as a subject editor

12 April 2024

Maria Cristina Bruno is a researcher in the Hydrobiology Unit at the Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy. She just joined ZooKeys as a subject editor for free-living Copepoda. Bruno’s research on copepods is oriented towards the systematics and biogeography of Harpaticoida, with a particular focus on the taxonomy of the family Parastenocarididae.

“I am delighted to be part of the ZooKeys team, thus helping to support publications dedicated to taxonomy and systematics, branches of sciences which in the last years have been facing many changes. Knowing the biodiversity of our planet is the only way to pursue the conservation of the ecosystem and the ecosystem services that such biodiversity provides. I hope I will see several papers dedicated to copepods being submitted to ZooКeys,” says Bruno.

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