Bivalve specialist Ruiqi Li joins ZooKeys as a subject editor

30 May 2024

Joining ZooKeys as a subject editor is marine biologist Ruiqi Li.

Ruiqi Li currently serves as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder Museum of Natural History. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology in China, Ruiqi completed his PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied photosymbiotic clams using genomics, transcriptomic, and phylogenomics.

With extensive fieldwork across diverse global habitats—including Australia, Guam, Panama, Svalbard, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and the USA—Ruiqi has developed a deep appreciation for biodiversity.He has conducted research in renowned museums such as the Florida Museum of Natural History and France’s National Museum of Natural History, where his interest in evolutionary biology and species discovery was further cultivated.

Joining the editorial team of ZooKeys as a Bivalvia subject editor, Ruiqi is eager to facilitate species discovery, which is the foundation of evolution, biodiversity and conservation research. 

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