Global Taxon Reviews: New article collection supported by ZooKeys

15 August 2023

To address existing challenges in the understanding of the diversity and classification of suprageneric animal taxa, the senior editorial team of ZooKeys launched a new topical article collection.

Titled Global Taxon Reviews, the permanent collection aims to provide a particularly valuable and comprehensive resource to clarify persistent questions and complexities surrounding higher taxonomic groups.

To qualify for the collection, submissions will need to cover an entire taxonomic group, i.e. class, order, family, subfamily or tribe. Revisions or reviews of large and widely distributed genera might be also eligible, pending confirmation from the editorial team.

The review papers will be expected to provide a comprehensive overview of a taxon, including information on its morphology, ecology and distribution. A particular focus is placed on the phylogenetic relationships of the group.

To support this kind of extremely valuable research outputs, yet ones that require a special amount of effort and diligence, ZooKeys and the journal’s publisher and owner Pensoft are willing to provide generous discounts. Waivers for selected contributions of exceptional scientific merit can be offered to authors with no institutional support.

Recently, the collection saw the publication of its first review paper “Stingless bee classification and biology (Hymenoptera): A review, with an updated key to genera and subgenera”, authored by renowned invertebrate palaeontologist and entomologist Prof Dr Michael S. Engel in collaboration with the international team of Dr Claus Rasmussen (Aarhus University, Denmark), Dr Ricardo Ayala (National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM) and Dr Favizia Oliveira (Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil).

In their paper, the scientists update the current knowledge of all living and fossil species of stingless bees (tribe Meliponini) from around the globe. The article explores the diversity of these bees by providing identification keys, based on external morphology, as well as brief accounts for each of the recognised genera and an updated checklist for the whole taxon. In addition to the systematic review, the authors also summarise the biology of stingless bees with an emphasis on aspects related to their nesting biology and architecture.


You can find more about the collection and its requirements on the collection’s webpage.

To have their paper considered for the collection, authors will need to select to Add document to collection in the beginning of their manuscript submission.

Authors who wish to submit a manuscript to the Global Taxon Reviews collection in ZooKeys, but are not sure if their paper covers the eligibility criteria, are welcome to directly email the collection’s managing editors: Prof Dr Michael S. Engel ( and Dr Fedor Konstantinov ( to discuss their work.

Once a paper successfully completes the peer review stage, it will proceed to publication straight away to avoid unnecessary delays in the spread and communication of scientific output.


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