SEM images of Misionella pallida sp. n., male from Bairro Morada do Sol, Teresina, Piauí (UFMG 14827), A left leg II, retrolateral view B same, detail of macrosetae, retrolateral view. Arrow points to spines. C same, dorsal view. Arrow points to macrosetae D same, detail of macrosetae, subventral view E same, metatarsus stopper, dorsal view (inset, tricobothrial base). Scale bars: 0.1 mm (A–C), 0.05 mm (D), 0.02 mm (E).

  Part of: Brescovit AD, Magalhaes ILF, Cizauskas I (2016) Three new species of Misionella from northern Brazil (Araneae, Haplogynae, Filistatidae). ZooKeys 589: 71-96.