Representative habitats of Cicindelinae in La Mancha. A Channel at Laguna de las Yeguas (Ciudad Real) in May. Wet areas occupied by Calomera l. littoralis and Cicindela campestris; when drier, occupied by Cephalota m. maura B Road side pools and halophytic vegetation in Laguna de Manjavacas (Cuenca) in April. C. l. littoralis was the only species observed C Wells and deep pools in Laguna de Manjavacas (Cuenca) in June. Cephalota m. maura is frequent in these structures D Laguna del Pueblo de Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real) in July. Mud areas amongst hydrophytic matts, occupied by C. l. littoralis and Myriochila m. melancholica E Temporary pools at Laguna del Longar (Toledo), in July. Calomera l. littoralis, Myriochila m. melancholica and Cephalota maura co-occcur at the sides F Laguna del Taray Chico (Cuenca) in May. Trails and non-halophytic prairies near the fresh water lake, occupied by C. c. campestris. Photographs by N. Percino and MG-P.

  Part of: Rodríguez-Flores PC, Gutiérrez-Rodríguez J, Aguirre-Ruiz EF, García-París M (2016) Salt lakes of La Mancha (Central Spain): A hot spot for tiger beetle (Carabidae, Cicindelinae) species diversity. ZooKeys 561: 63-103.