Male (XUX-2013–389) and female (XUX-2013–351) genital anatomy of Heptathela higoensis Haupt, 1983 and Heptathela kimurai (Kishida, 1920), respectively. 15 palp prolateral view 16 palp ventral view 17 palp retrolateral view 18 contrategulum, conductor and embolus, ventral view 19 contrategulum, conductor and embolus, retrolateral view 20 vulva ventral view 21 vulva dorsal view; Scales 0.5 mm. D = depression.

  Part of: Xin X, Liu F, Chen J, Ono H, Li D, Kuntner M (2015) A genus-level taxonomic review of primitively segmented spiders (Mesothelae, Liphistiidae). ZooKeys 488: 121-151.