Atrichelaphinis (Heterelaphinis) sexualis: A parameres. Atrichelaphinis (Heterelaphinis) quadripunctata: B apex of the parameres of the the lectotype. Atrichelaphinis (Heterelaphinis) nigra: C parameres D male pronotum E mesosternal lobe F left elytron (a male; b–d female). Scale bar = 1 mm (From Antoine 2002: 187; permission obtained: 13 Feb 2014).

  Part of: Rojkoff S, Perissinotto R (2015) Review of the genera Anelaphinis Kolbe, 1892 and Atrichelaphinis Kraatz, 1898 (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae). ZooKeys 482: 91-142.