Cratera viridimaculata sp. n. (holotype). A, B Sagittal sections of the copulatory apparatus C Sagittal section of the anterior region, at the level of ovaries. Abbreviations: co, common ovovitelline duct; ej, ejaculatory duct; fa, female atrium; fc, female genital canal; go, gonopore; i, intestine; ma, male atrium; n, nervous plate; od, ovovitelline duct; ov, ovary; pp, penis papilla; pv, prostatic vesicle; sbp, sub-intestinal parenchymatic musculature; sd, sperm duct; sg, shell glands; v, vitellaria. Scale bars: 500 µm (A), 250 µm (B, C).

  Part of: Negrete L, Brusa F (2016) First report of the genus Cratera (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae) in Argentina, with description of a new species and comments on the species of the genus. ZooKeys 610: 1-12.