Field photos of imagines in nature, their habitats and larval feeding grounds of several Tajik cerambycid species: A birch and willow bushes near a river valley, the habitat of Turkaromia gromenkoi B sawdust-like waste on the outside of the trunk of a middle-aged willow, the probable result of the larval feeding of T. gromenkoi C female of Ropalopus nadari on the bark of Malus sieversii D walnut and apple trees in a mountain valley, the habitat of Turanium pilosum and R. nadari E larval feeding grounds of T. pilosum F tugay in the Vakhsh River valley, the habitat of Chlorophorus elaeagni and Ch. faldermanni G tugay with blossoming Tamarix in the Vakhsh River valley H male and female of Agapanthia soror in copula on Prangos.

  Part of: Kadyrov AKh, Karpiński L, Szczepański WT, Taszakowski A, Walczak M (2016) New data on distribution, biology, and ecology of longhorn beetles from the area of west Tajikistan (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). ZooKeys 606: 41-64.