Biogeographic distribution and time-calibrated phylogenetic tree of Microlepidogaster and Rhinolekos species, based on three mitochondrial (16SrRNA, COI, Cytb) and one nuclear marker (F-reticulon 4), modified from figure 7 of Roxo et al. (2014a). The map colorations indicate distinct biogeographic regions according to classification available in Roxo et al. (2014a): Green – Coastal drainages (A); Red – upper rio Paraná basin (B); Purple – Paraguay, Lower Paraná and Uruguay basins (C); Blue – Amazon basin (D); Yellow – São Francisco basin (E).

  Part of: Roxo FF, Ochoa LE, Silva GSC, Oliveira C (2015) Rhinolekos capetinga: a new cascudinho species (Loricariidae, Otothyrinae) from the rio Tocantins basin and comments on its ancestral dispersal route. ZooKeys 481: 109-130.