External morphology of Elocomosta species. 26–27 lateral portion of pronotum (26 E. nigra Hansen, 1989 27 E. lilizheni sp. n.). 28–29 details of elytral punctation and trichobothria (28 E. nigra 29 E. lilizheni) 30 prosternum of E. lilizheni 31–32 posterior leg (31 E. lilizheni 32 E. nigra) 33 abdomen of E. lilizheni.

  Part of: Lin R, Jia F, Fikáček M (2016) A review of Elocomosta Hansen with a description of a new species with reduced eyes from China (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Sphaeridiinae). ZooKeys 607: 81-92. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.607.7142