Ventral (6–19) and dorsal views (20, 21) of cephalothoraxes of female puparia from Stylops nassonowi Pierce (6–13, 20, 21) and S. aterrimus Newport (14–19) 6 Voucher SCa5 (Czech Republic) 7 Voucher SCa6 (Czech Republic) 8 Voucher SHo1 (Turkey) 9 Voucher SSa1 (Saudi Arabia) 10 Voucher SSg1 (Czech Republic) 11 Voucher STi2 (Hungary) 12 Voucher STi4 (Czech Republic) 13 Voucher STi6 (Czech Republic) 14 Voucher SAg1 (Tunisia) 15 Voucher SBm1a (Czech Republic) 16 Voucher SBm1b (Czech Republic) 17 Voucher STig2 (Tunisia) 18 Voucher SCa7 (Switzerland) 19 Voucher Ssp1 (Tunisia) 20 Voucher SCa10 (Czech Republic) 21 Voucher STi6 (Czech Republic).

  Part of: Straka J, Alqarni AS, Juzova K, Hannan MA, Hinojosa-Díaz IA, Engel MS (2015) Rediscovered parasitism of Andrena savignyi Spinola (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae) by Stylops (Strepsiptera, Stylopidae) and revised taxonomic status of the parasite. ZooKeys 519: 117-139.