a Map showing the distribution of R. capetinga. Type locality at córrego da Branca, green star – 14°53'47.2"S, 47°34'58.4"W. Paratype localities at córrego da Branca, red star – 14°57'01.6"S, 47°35'57.0"W, and at córrego Roncador, pink star – 14°43'51.3"S, 47°32'34.0"W b Habitat and submerged vegetation where the specimens were found in type locality of córrego da Branca, 14°53'47.2"S, 47°34'58.4"W. Photo: LH Roxo.

  Part of: Roxo FF, Ochoa LE, Silva GSC, Oliveira C (2015) Rhinolekos capetinga: a new cascudinho species (Loricariidae, Otothyrinae) from the rio Tocantins basin and comments on its ancestral dispersal route. ZooKeys 481: 109-130. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.481.8755