Cratera viridimaculata sp. n. (holotype). A Transverse section at pre-pharyngeal region B Detail of the body margin of a transverse section at pre-pharyngeal region C Sagittal section of the pharynx D Detail of a transverse section at pre-pharyngeal region. Abbreviations: cm, cutaneous musculature; di, dorsal insertion of pharynx; dp, dorsal parenchymatic musculature; dvp, dorsoventral parenchymatic fibers; ep, epidermis; es, esophagus; gm, glandular margin; i, intestine; mo, mouth; n, nervous plate; ne, nematode larva; od, ovovitelline duct; ph, pharynx; pl, pharyngeal lumen; php, pharyngeal pouch; rh, rhabditogen cells; sbp, sub-intestinal parenchymatic musculature; sd, sperm duct; spp, supra-intestinal parenchymatic musculature; t, testes; v, vitellaria; vi, ventral insertion of pharynx. Scale bars: 500 µm (A, C), 200 µm (B, D).

  Part of: Negrete L, Brusa F (2016) First report of the genus Cratera (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae) in Argentina, with description of a new species and comments on the species of the genus. ZooKeys 610: 1-12.