Line drawings of chaetae and uncini of Pseudobranchiomma species in Australia; A–F Pseudobranchiomma cf. P. emersoni G–L Pseudobranchiomma cf. P. orientalis M–T Pseudobranchiomma pallida sp. n. U–Z, A1 Pseudobranchiomma cf. P. schizogenica; A Thoracic uncinus B Abdominal uncinus C Superior thoracic chaeta D Inferior thoracic chaeta E, F Inferior abdominal chaetae G Thoracic uncinus H Abdominal uncinus I Superior thoracic chaeta J Inferior thoracic chaeta K, L Inferior abdominal chaetae M, N Thoracic uncini O Abdominal uncinus P, Q, R Inferior thoracic chaetae S Superior abdominal chaeta T Inferior abdominal chaeta U, V Thoracic uncini W Abdominal uncinus X, Y Superior thoracic chaetae Z, A1 Inferior thoracic chaetae. Scale bars: A–F = 2 µm; G–L = 4 µm; M–T = 2 µm; U–Z, A1 = 2 µm.

  Part of: Capa M, Murray A (2016) Combined morphological and molecular data unveils relationships of Pseudobranchiomma (Sabellidae, Annelida) and reveals higher diversity of this intriguing group of fan worms in Australia, including potentially introduced species. ZooKeys 622: 1-36.