Penes (dorsal, ventral surfaces). A P. lindae sp. n., USNM 1257409 B P. ojaiensis sp. n., SBMNH 460496 C P. torrida sp. n. USNM 1120443 D, E, F P. stearnsiana USNM 1297168, USNM 1252041, USNM 905251, respectively. Scale bars: 250 ┬Ám. Pd penial duct Pf penial filament Pg penial gland Pl penial lobe Tg terminal gland Vg ventral gland.

  Part of: Hershler R, Liu H-P, Babbitt C, Kellogg MG, Howard JK (2016) Three new species of western California springsnails previously confused with Pyrgulopsis stearnsiana (Caenogastropoda, Hydrobiidae). ZooKeys 601: 1-19.