Anacardiaceae host fruits of Megastigmus spp. in Kenya. 3 Lannea cf. schimperi 4 L. rivae 5 Lannea schweinfurthii 6 Ozoroa insignis subsp. reticulata 7 O. obovata 8 Pistacia lentiscus subsp. emarginata 9 Rhus natalensis (note the chalcid hole in a fruit).

  Part of: Roques A, Copeland RS, Soldati L, Denux O, Auger-Rozenberg M-A (2016) Megastigmus seed chalcids (Hymenoptera, Torymidae) radiated much more on Angiosperms than previously considered. I- Description of 8 new species from Kenya, with a key to the females of Eastern and Southern Africa. ZooKeys 585: 51-124.