Photographs of forewings of Ankylopteryx (Sencera) anomala (Brauer) 3 Lectotype male from Pulo Milu, Nicobar Islands, India (NHMW) (photograph by Harald Bruckner) 4 Holotype male (mirrored) of ‘Sencera exquisita Nakahara’ from Taiwan, China (NMNS) (photograph by Utsugi Jinbo) 5 Holotype male (mirrored) of ‘Sencera feae Navás’ from Bhamò, Myanmar (MCSN) (photograph by Maria Tavano) 6 Holotype male (mirrored) of ‘Sencera scioneura Navás’ from New Britain, Papua New Guinea (ZMB) (photograph by Lukas Kirschey). All photographs used with permission.

  Part of: Breitkreuz LCV, Winterton SL, Engel MS (2015) Revision of the green lacewing subgenus Ankylopteryx (Sencera) (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae). ZooKeys 543: 111-127.