Photographs of some diaphorolepidine species in life: a Synophis zaheriMZUTI 3353 b S. zaheriMZUTI 3355 c S. calamitusMZUTI 3694 d S. aff. bicolorMZUTI 3529 e S. lasallei uncat., and f Diaphorolepis wagneriMZUTI 3901.

  Part of: Pyron RA, Guayasamin JM, PeƱafiel N, Bustamante L, Arteaga A (2015) Systematics of Nothopsini (Serpentes, Dipsadidae), with a new species of Synophis from the Pacific Andean slopes of southwestern Ecuador. ZooKeys 541: 109-147.