Aralazhdarcho bostobensis, ZIN PH 57/43, a proximal fragment of a left humerus in proximal (a), ventral (b), anterior (c), dorsal (d), and posterior (e) views. This specimen is from the Shakh Shakh II locality in the northeasten Aral Sea region of Kazakhstan; Bostobe Formation, Upper Cretaceous (Santonian – lower Campanian). Abbreviations: h, humeral head; pf, pneumatic foramen; uc, ulnar crest. Scale bar is 10 mm.

  Part of: Averianov A, Dyke G, Danilov I, Skutschas P (2015) The paleoenvironments of azhdarchid pterosaurs localities in the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan. ZooKeys 483: 59-80.