Male genitalia of X. acutipennis (16–20) and X. ater (21–25): 16, 21 Endosoma (dorsal view) 17, 22 Basal sac of endosoma (ventral view) 18, 23 Left paramere (left lateral view) 19, 24 Left paramere (dorsal view) 20, 25 Right paramere (right lateral view). APR = apical process of paramere; AR = apical ring of endosomal basal sac; BP = basal fig; BPR = basal process of paramere; BSC = basal sac; DLS = dextrolateral sclerite; DSS = sclerotized portion of ductus seminis inside endosoma; MS = medial sclerite; PB = paramere body; SL = sensory lobe; SLS = sinistrolateral sclerite; SP1 and SP2 = endosomal spiculi.

  Part of: Wolski A, Gorczyca J (2014) Revision of the plant bug genus Xenocylapidius (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Miridae, Cylapinae), with descriptions of five new species from Australia and New Caledonia. ZooKeys 459: 73-94.