Male palps of Lathys ankaraensis sp. n. (8–11), L. humilis (from Turkey 12–15) and L. stigmatisata (from Crimea 16). 8, 13 prolateral 9, 12 ventral 10, 14, 16 retrolateral 11, 15 tibia, tip of conductor and base of cymbium, dorso-retrolateral. Abbreviations: Da dorsal apophysis; Ra retrolateral apophysis; Sl loop of seminal duct; Tc posterior tip of conductor; Va ventral apophysis.

  Part of: Özkütük RS, Marusik YM, Elverici M, Kunt KB (2016) A new species of Lathys from Turkey (Araneae, Dictynidae). ZooKeys 632: 35-45.