SEM micrographs of Lepidocharon priapus gen. n., sp. n. ♂ paratype. A antennula, sixth segment arrowed B maxillipeds, general view C maxilliped endite and rudimentary sympod (?) arrowed D coxal plates of pereionites 5–7, ventral view E pereiopod 1, detail of dactylus and reduced sclerite F pereiopod 7, detail of dactylus and articulated sclerite G pereiopods, lateral view H rudimentary coxal plates, ventral view, arrowed.

  Part of: Galassi D, Bruce N, Fiasca B, Olivier M (2016) TA new family Lepidocharontidae with description of Lepidocharon gen. n., from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and redefinition of the Microparasellidae (Isopoda, Asellota). ZooKeys 594: 11-50.