Horst Aspöck in the field. 8 In 1975, Anatolia, Turkey. During a collecting trip in the Pontus-mountains to collect Raphidioptera (photo by Hubert Rausch) 9 In 1975, Doĝubayazit, Anatolia, Turkey. Horst, flanked by Ulrike Aspöck (left) and Renate Rausch, dancing with locals 10 In 1971, Catalonia, Spain. From left: Ernst Hüttinger, Horst, Ulrike 11 In May 2014, Anti-Atlas, Morocco, Horst night-collecting 12 In 1995, Talasskaya Oblast, Talasskiy Alatau, Kyrgyztan. Horst collecting larvae of Raphidioptera 13 In 2014, Anti-Atlas, between Tafraoute and the Igmir Oasis, with Ulrike 14 In 2000, Mae Hong Son Pai Province, Thailand, night-collecting with the Austrian entomologist Hans Malicky. All photos except for photo 8 from the Aspöck photo archive.

  Part of: Ohl M (2016) Horst Aspöck, encyclopedist and entomologist extraordinaire – a personal appreciation. ZooKeys 555: 137-151. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.555.7410