COI DNA barcode trees of Oxynetra species. The trees are obtained by a RAxML under “GTRGAMMA” model; and b MrBayes under “propinv” model with 2 states (see Materials and Methods) and show identical topology. The taxa are arranged in the same sequence in both trees. The trees are rooted with Olafia Nemésio, 2005 sequences. Bootstrap fractions (a) and posterior probabilities (b) are shown (except for nodes within species). Sequences with NVG- voucher codes were obtained in this work. For other sequences, ACG voucher codes (with -SRNP- and -ZFuentes-, Janzen & Hallwachs 2014), INBio voucher codes (starting with INB, Grishin et al. 2013), GenBank accessions (starting from GU and HM,, or Ernst Brockmann collection voucher codes (with HESP-EB) are indicated for each sequence. The general locality of each specimen is indicated.

  Part of: Warren AD, Grishin NV (2017) A new species of Oxynetra from Mexico (Hesperiidae, Pyrginae, Pyrrhopygini). ZooKeys 667: 155-164.