Key characters for identification and measurement of parts of the Cubozoa. A lateral view B pedalium C oral view. BH = Bell height; DBW = Diagonal bell width; DEW = Diagonal exumbrella width; DSW = Diagonal subumbrella width; IKL = Inner keel length; IKW = Inner keel width; IRW = Interrhopalial width; ML = manubrium length; OKL = Outer keel length; OKW = Outer keel width; PCW = Pedalial canal width; PW = Pedalial width; RH = Rhopalium height; TBW = Tentacle base width; VW = Velarial width.

  Part of: Toshino S, Miyake H, Shibata H (2015) Meteorona kishinouyei, a new family, genus and species (Cnidaria, Cubozoa, Chirodropida) from Japanese Waters. ZooKeys 503: 1-21.