Azhdarcho sp., ZIN PH 56/43, distal fragment of a right ulna in proximal (a), ventral (b), posterior (c), dorsal (d), anterior (e), and distal (f, stereopair) views. This specimen is from the Tyulkili locality in the northeastern Aral Sea region of Kazakhstan; Zhirkindek Formation, Upper Cretaceous (upper Turonian – Coniacian). Abbreviations: das, dorsal articulation surface; ft, groove for flexor tendon; tub, tuberculum; vf, ventral fovea. Scale bar is 10 mm.

  Part of: Averianov A, Dyke G, Danilov I, Skutschas P (2015) The paleoenvironments of azhdarchid pterosaurs localities in the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan. ZooKeys 483: 59-80.