Rhinolekos capetinga, LBP 19001, paratype, 34.5 mm SL. a Anterior portion of axial skeleton and dorsal-fin supports (left side, lateral view). Vertebrae counts included five vertebrae of the Weberian apparatus. np nucal plate; rv6 rib of sixth vertebrae; px2 compound proximal and medial radial 2; sn+px1 compound supraneural first dorsal-fin proximal radial; sp1 first dorsal-fin spinelet; sp2 second dorsal-fin spine; v6−12 vertebrae 6−12 b Skull of R. capetinga; f frontal; soc supraoccipital; cpt parieto-supraoccipital; op opercle; io1−5 infraorbitals; pop preopercle; cp 1−2 cheek plates; pr 1−3 postrostral plates; pf prefrontal plates; le lateral ethmoid; n nasal; lpn lateronasal plate; r rostral plate; pn prenasal; sp sphenotic.

  Part of: Roxo FF, Ochoa LE, Silva GSC, Oliveira C (2015) Rhinolekos capetinga: a new cascudinho species (Loricariidae, Otothyrinae) from the rio Tocantins basin and comments on its ancestral dispersal route. ZooKeys 481: 109-130. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.481.8755