Maximum-likelihood (ML) phylogenetic tree for 16 haplotypes of Pholidoptera frivaldszkyi (pf1–pf16; GenBank accession numbers KF706416–KF706428, KY554960–KY554962) with outgroup species (KC852400, KY554963–KY554966) based on a 778 bp fragment of the mtDNA COI gene. Tree topology and branch lengths of Bayesian inference were congruent with ML analysis. Nodes with significant support values are indicated (upper, ML bootstrap > 50%; lower, Bayesian posterior probability > 0.90).

  Part of: Kaňuch P, Dorková M, Mikhailenko AP, Polumordvinov OA, Jarčuška B, Krištín A (2017) Isolated populations of the bush-cricket Pholidoptera frivaldszkyi (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in Russia suggest a disjunct area of the species distribution. ZooKeys 665: 85-92.