Median-joining haplotype network based on mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence data (715 bp) from 217 Mulloidichthys flavolineatus individuals sampled across the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Each circle represents a haplotype, with size proportional to its total frequency. Branches separated by black crossbars represent a single nucleotide change, whereas open circles indicate unsampled haplotypes; colors indicate collection location as in the embedded key. The network depicts two distinct clades separated by seven mutational steps (corrected sequence divergence, d = 1.7%; Kimura 1980) (From Fernandez-Silva et al. 2015).

  Part of: Fernandez-Silva I, Randall JE, Golani D, Bogorodsky SV (2016) Mulloidichthys flavolineatus flavicaudus Fernandez-Silva & Randall (Perciformes, Mullidae), a new subspecies of goatfish from the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. ZooKeys 605: 131-157.