SEM photomicrographs of Pilophoropsidea camela, male. 108 head and pronotum, lateral aspect 109 head and pronotum, dorsal aspect 110 ostiolar evaporative area 111 stridulitrum on costal margin of hemelytron 112 glaucous patch (made of many tiny trichomes) at base of abdomen 113 pretarsus 114 genital capsule, caudal aspect 115 genital capsule, lateral aspect.

  Part of: Henry TJ (2015) Revision of the Ceratocapsine Renodaeus group: Marinonicoris, Pilophoropsis, Renodaeus, and Zanchisme, with descriptions of four new genera (Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae). ZooKeys 490: 1-156.