Conservation problems for tiger beetles in La Mancha, and remains of old semi-industrial activities which provide additional structural heterogenity A Saline pools at Laguna de Peña Hueca (Toledo) occupied at different seasons by C. l. littoralis, C. dulcinea, C. circumdata imperialis and C. m. maura B Trails on salty soils at Laguna de la Dehesilla (Cuenca), where C. l. littoralis, C. c. campestris and C. dulcinea are present along different periods of the year C Old channel in Laguna del Longar (Toledo), where C. m. maura, C. campestris and C. paludosa co-occur D Saline pool at Laguna de Tirez (Toledo), where C. l. littoralis and M. m. melancholica co-occur, while populations of C. dulcinea and C. circumdata imperialis are established not far from this point E Effect of sheep along the shores of the saline Laguna Grande de Quero (Toledo), in this spot C. l. littoralis was present F Vineyards at the edge of Laguna de Alcahozo Chico (Cuenca), note the diverse halophytic vegetation and nearby open areas where C. l. littoralis, C. c. campestris, C. paludosa, and L. f. flexuosa live in close proximity. Photographs by N. Percino and MG-P.

  Part of: Rodríguez-Flores PC, Gutiérrez-Rodríguez J, Aguirre-Ruiz EF, García-París M (2016) Salt lakes of La Mancha (Central Spain): A hot spot for tiger beetle (Carabidae, Cicindelinae) species diversity. ZooKeys 561: 63-103.