Life history: 4th and 5th instar caterpillars. a–n H. rumiko, USA: TX: Duval Co., Benavides A–K H. cresphontes, USA: TX: Denton Co., Grapevine Lake, Murrell Park a–e, A–F 4th and f–n, G–K 5th instar caterpillars; 1 cm scale shown on panels c and I refers to all images. Sexes and voucher numbers (where available) and dates: a–b, f–n is the same individual (larva #2, died, shown in Fig. 22a–c), 24-Apr-2014 (a–b), 29-Apr-2014 (f–j), 29-Apr-2014 (k–n) c–e larva #1 (died), 24-Apr-2014 A–C ♂ NVG-2740, 16-Jun-2014 D–F ♀ NVG-2741, 21-Jun-2014 G–K ♀ NVG-2741, 26-Jun-2014.

  Part of: Shiraiwa K, Cong Q, Grishin NV (2014) A new Heraclides swallowtail (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) from North America is recognized by the pattern on its neck. ZooKeys 468: 85-135.