Life history: eggs and 1st instar caterpillars. a–x H. rumiko types, USA: TX: Duval Co., Benavides A–I H. cresphontes, USA: TX: Denton Co., Grapevine Lake, Murrell Park a–j, A–C ova; k–x, D–I 1st instar caterpillars; 1 mm scale shown on panels d, p and H refers to all images except a, which shows a typical position for an egg on a fresh leaf. In Figs 19–23, dorsal, dorsolateral, and lateral views are shown for most individuals, supplemented with anterior and posterior views for some caterpillars. Sexes and voucher numbers (where available) and dates: a, e–g paratype ♀ NVG-2564, 19-Apr-2014 b–d holotype ♂ NVG-2565, 19-Apr-2014; h–l paratype ♀ NVG-2563, 19-Apr-2014 (h–j), ♀ NVG-2563, 20-Apr-2014 (k–l) m–n paratype ♂ NVG-2559, 19-Apr-2014 o–r paratype ♀ NVG-2564, 22-Apr-2014 s–u paratype ♂ NVG-2559, 20-Apr-2014 v holotype ♂ NVG-2565, 25-Apr-2014 w–x paratype ♂ NVG-2559, 22-Apr-2014 A–I ♂ NVG-2760,16-Jun-2014 (A–C), 19-Jun-2014 (D–F), 21-Jun-2014 (G–I).

  Part of: Shiraiwa K, Cong Q, Grishin NV (2014) A new Heraclides swallowtail (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae) from North America is recognized by the pattern on its neck. ZooKeys 468: 85-135.