Relationship between different lines of investigation: (FBA) Faunistics, Biodiversity, and Abundance, (DTE) Diet and Trophic Ecology, (DB) Distribution and Biogeography, (CL) Conservation and Legislation, (PM) Parasitology and Medicine, (EMH) Ethology, Migration, and Home environment, (RD) Reproduction and Development, (NH) Natural History, (SMT) Study Methods and Techniques, (ST) Systematics and Taxonomy, and (ESO) Environmental Education and Science Outreach.

  Part of: Soto-Saravia R, Ruiz VH, Benítez-Mora A, Marchant M, Vega-Román E (2017) A reassessment on the state of knowledge of Chilean Falconidae in the last hundred years. ZooKeys 642: 131-148.