Eulonchus spp. on various flowers. A, C Male E. tristis Loew on Cryptantha intermedia B Male E. marginatus Osten Sacken trapped on flower of Asclepias sp D, E Male E. tristis approaching and feeding from Iris bracteata F Mated pair of E. tristis on Oxalis oregana G E. smaragdinus Gerstaecker H Three male E. marginatus attempting to mount a single female feeding on thistle I Mated pairs of E. tristis on Penstemon heterophyllus, with one pair resting at length inside the flower. Photo credits: A. Schusteff (D, E, F, I); A. Abela (A, C); G. McDonald (B, H); R. Waayers (G).

  Part of: Borkent CJ, Gillung JP, Winterton SL (2016) Jewelled spider flies of North America: a revision and phylogeny of Eulonchus Gerstaecker (Diptera, Acroceridae). ZooKeys 619: 103-146.