Pseudopoda ashcharya sp. n. from India, copulatory organs of male (1–4 holotype) and female (5–9 paratype). 1–3 Left male palp (1 prolateral 2 ventral 3 retrolateral) 4 Embolus, retrolatero-proximal 5 Epigyne, ventral 6 Vulva, dorsal 7 Schematic course of internal duct system, dorsal 8 Epigyne, posterior 9 Epigyne, lateral. B brush of setae close to embolus tip E embolus FB fusion bubbles FD fertilisation duct FW first winding of internal duct system GA glandular appendage H hump at base of embolus LL lateral lobe O embolic outgrowth Po sublobal pockets Sp spermophor SO spermophor opening.

  Part of: Jäger P, Kulkarni S (2016) An unexpected new species of the genus Pseudopoda (Araneae, Sparassidae, Heteropodinae) from the Western Ghats in India. ZooKeys 577: 55-62.