Horst Aspöck, developmental stages and as a gentleman and professor. 1 around 1950 in Linz, Upper Austria 2 In 1961, passport photo 3 In 1963, Prague, Czechoslovakia, during a symposium on “Theoretical questions of Natural Focis of Diseases” 4 In 1970, Igls near Innsbruck, Austria, during a conference of the German-speaking society for tropical medicine 5 In 1973, in Vienna, Austria, as enthusiastic dancers on a ball at the Wiener Konzerthaus 6 2004, in the Festsaal of the University of Vienna. With vice rector Hans Geord Eichler (left), during the first PhD defense of the Medical University Vienna (previously Medical Faculty of the University Vienna), held in Latin language, as still mandatory in Austria 7 In 2014, in Linz, Austria, with Ulrike, during the 81st International Entomologist’s Conference. All photos from the Aspöck photo archive.

  Part of: Ohl M (2016) Horst Aspöck, encyclopedist and entomologist extraordinaire – a personal appreciation. ZooKeys 555: 137-151. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.555.7410