Balmaceda nigrosecta Mello-Leitão. 1 Male palp, ventral view (inset with close-up of RTA in retrolateral view) 2 female, lateral habitus 3 same, dorsal habitus 4 epigyne, ventral view 5 same, cleared. (AG–accessory gland; AT–atrium; CD–copulatory duct; CO–copulatory opening; E–embolus; FD–fertilization duct; RTA–retrolateral tibial apophysis; S–spermatheca; SP–spermophore; T–tegulum). Scale bars: 0.35 mm (1); 3 mm (2, 3); 0.2 mm (4, 5).

  Part of: Rubio GD, Baigorria JE, Edwards GB (2016) First description of the female of the jumping spider Balmaceda nigrosecta Mello-Leitão (Salticidae, Dendryphantini, Marpissina). ZooKeys 563: 11-9.