Males of Oxynetra. 1–4 O. aureopecta sp. n. holotype (1–2) and paratype (3–4), data in text 5–6 O. hopfferi, Costa Rica: Puntarenas, Monteverde, 1997, voucher 97-ZFuentes-055 [USNM] 7–8 O. hopfferi holotype, Panama: Chiriqui [ZMHB] 9–10 O. stangelandi holotype, Costa Rica: Guanacaste, eclosed on 19.VIII.2002, voucher 02-SRNP-23284 [USNM]. Dorsal and ventral surfaces are shown on odd- and even-numbered figures, respectively. Labels are shown for the holotype of the new species and are reduced 1.5 times compared to specimens: smaller scale bar above the top labels refers to labels, and larger scale bars refer to specimens. Pinholes and some imperfections have been removed to emphasize actual wing patterns.

  Part of: Warren AD, Grishin NV (2017) A new species of Oxynetra from Mexico (Hesperiidae, Pyrginae, Pyrrhopygini). ZooKeys 667: 155-164.