Map of Peru indicating the type localities of Peruvian and southern Ecuadorian species of Noblella: Noblella madreselva sp. n. (asterisk), N. personina (diamond), N. lochites (black star), N. duellmani (pentagon), N. heyeri (black circle), N. lynchi (white circle), N. myrmecoides (white star), N. peruviana (white square), and N. pygmaea (triangle). Also shown is the type locality of Psychrophrynella bagrecito (black square; see text for explanation).

  Part of: Catenazzi A, Uscapi V, von May R (2015) A new species of Noblella (Amphibia, Anura, Craugastoridae) from the humid montane forests of Cusco, Peru. ZooKeys 516: 71-84.