Examples of characters for the phylogenetic analysis of Subrasaca (external morphology and male genitalia). a body of Subrasaca rachelae (length 5.3 mm): rounded anterior margin of crown (character 1, state 0), maculae on lateroapical portions of crown (c6, s1), pair of moderately oblique maculae on pronotum (c21, s2) b S. flavolineata (length 5.4 mm): mesonotum with T-shaped macula (c22, s2), longitudinal stripes on forewings (c25, s1) c S. constricta (length 5.7 mm): pronounced anterior margin of crown (c1, s1) d pygofer lobe of S. constricta, dorsal view: dorsoapical process (c36, s1; arrowed) e subgenital plates of S. bimaculata: membranous basal area (c38, s1; arrowed) f S. nigriventris: styles with preapical lobe (c40, s1) and apex transversely truncate (c42, s0), stalk of connective clearly differentiated, not extending beyond apex of styles (c44, s1) g aedeagus of S. constricta: dorsal lobe (c46, s1) with constriction (c47, s1; arrowed) h aedeagus of S. nigriventris: shaft longer than high (c48, s1), pair of spiniform apical processes (c51, s2) i aedeagus of S. rachelae: pair of preapical processes (c52, s1; arrowed) j S. rubra: paraphyses with two rami (c55, s1) k S. curvovittata: paraphyses with four rami (c55, s2), inner rami small and narrow (c56, s0) l S. bimaculata: inner rami of paraphyses broader and larger than outer rami (c56, s1).

  Part of: Silva RS, Mejdalani G, Cavichioli RR (2015) Phylogenetic analysis of the sharpshooter genus Subrasaca Young, 1977 (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Cicadellini). ZooKeys 484: 53-70. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.484.9264