The Canon-Cognisys set-up at the RBINS. The Canon 600D Camera, equipped with a Canon MP-E 65 mm 1:2.8 1–5× Macro Photo Lens, is mounted on the vertically positioned StackShot (Cognisys inc.). In the Ikea closet, at the bottom, you see the two Yongnuo YN560II speedlites positioned frontally and above is the plexiglas fig covered with paper to position the specimen.

  Part of: Brecko J, Mathys A, Dekoninck W, Leponce M, VandenSpiegel D, Semal P (2014) Focus stacking: Comparing commercial top-end set-ups with a semi-automatic low budget approach. A possible solution for mass digitization of type specimens. ZooKeys 464: 1-23.