Sampled sites of Pholidoptera frivaldszkyi populations in Central and Eastern Europe. Three geographically homogeneous genetic clusters in the Carpathian Mountains defined by spatial analysis of molecular variance are colour coded according to Kaňuch et al. (2014). Arrows denote sites in eastern Romania where individuals that share the most similar haplotypes to populations found in Russia (ellipse) have occurred (see Fig. 2). The species range validated by the IUCN Red List (Hochkirch et al. 2016) is outlined by the dotted line.

  Part of: Kaňuch P, Dorková M, Mikhailenko AP, Polumordvinov OA, Jarčuška B, Krištín A (2017) Isolated populations of the bush-cricket Pholidoptera frivaldszkyi (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) in Russia suggest a disjunct area of the species distribution. ZooKeys 665: 85-92.