Dendronotus arcticus sp. n.: A holotype ZMMU Op-561, live, dorsal view B same, lateral view C paratype ZMMU Op-562, live, lateral view D holotype ZMMU Op-561, jaws and radula in situ, dorsal view E same, jaws, lateral views F same, penis G same, posterior rows of radula, SEM H same, details of central teeth, SEM I same, details of lateral teeth, SEM. Scale bars 30 ┬Ám. Photos of living specimens by Olga Zimina, other photos and SEM images by Alexander Martynov.

  Part of: Korshunova T, Sanamyan N, Zimina O, Fletcher K, Martynov A (2016) Two new species and a remarkable record of the genus Dendronotus from the North Pacific and Arctic oceans (Nudibranchia). ZooKeys 630: 19-42.